• OneZyme - Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement with Probiotics - Plant Based and Dairy Free, Gluten Free. - Serving 3 times daily - 90 Capsules - 1zym1104
  • OneZyme - Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement with Probiotics - Plant Based and Dairy Free, Gluten Free. - Serving 3 times daily - 90 Capsules - 1zym1104
  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE NATURAL DIGESTIVE ENZYME AID WITH MORE THAN 20 PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS - including Protease, Lactase, Lipase, Amylase and 15 more highly potent digestive enzymes. Most digestive enzyme supplements only target 3-4 areas of digestive support. Onezyme is designed to enhance the healthy digestion of 7 key areas of digestive health; proteins, carbohydrates, fat, cellulose, gluten, probiotics, fiber and FREE RADICALS; making OneZyme one of the more complete enzyme products.
  • THE WONDERFUL BENEFITS OF PROBIOTICS - Good (helpful) Bacteria and Yeasts are required in the digestive system to help keep a healthy gut. We've included well balanced probiotics in our formula to optimize the incredible health benefits that probiotics have for our digestion. Super organic enzymes for kids, vegan and vegetarian diets.
  • IMPROVES NUTRIENT UPTAKE – Enzymes enhance the breakdown of nutrients resulting in a more complete digestion. The digestive advantage of targeting 7 key areas is that the body is able to use those nutrients to help you feel great, full of life, energy and clarity. A recent customer said: “I must say this product has helped tremendously, improving and maintaining my digestion comfort by like 90%. I have purchased 3 bottles of OneZyme and plan to continue buying this product.” Results may vary.
  • 100% VEGAN - SAFE & NATURAL - This enzyme supplement is made in the USA under strict GMP standards and in NSF & FDA certified facilities. We use highly potent, all natural plant based ingredients that are Non-GMO, gluten and dairy free. Easy to swallow vegetarian capsules with no rotten egg aftertaste. There are no eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, nuts or wheat in this product. It is gentle on the stomach for digestive relief. We've included 90 Vcapsules - 30 day servings per container.
  • 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not satisfied with this product, simply return any unused portion for a full no hassle, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Be sure to check our our entire line of enzyme products, liquid ionic, colloidal and multi mineral supplements.
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    OneZyme contains 30 days (90 Capsules) of perfectly balanced blend of super professional grade plant based digestive enzymes designed to increase the digestive activity of fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. 

    Digestive health is highly important for the body to properly digest food so that the nutrients will be completely absorbed by the body. OneZyme contains all of the enzymes your body needs to digest every type of carbohydrate, protein, vegetable fiber and fat you eat. 

    One key component in OneZyme is the OneHBP proprietary blend of hemicellulase, beta-glucanase and phytase. These ingredients disrupt the fibrous nature of plant cell walls and release trapped nutrients from plant materials. This optimizes the body's efficiency of digestion and maximizes the nutritional benefits from food. 

    Carbohydrate digesting enzymes: Amylase and Glucoamylase. Protein digestive enzymes: Protease and Papain. 

    Fat digestion enzyme: High activity Lipase. Other digestive enzymes found in OneZyme are: Acid Maltase, Invertase, Neutral Bacterial Protease, Alpha-galactosidase, Peptidase and Lactase.

    Enzymes are energized protein molecules. They are the human body's life force and are involved in every function of the body. Vitamins, minerals and hormones must have enzymes to work properly. Life cannot exist without enzymes.

    What do they do that is so critical?

    In general, enzymes speed up chemical reactions so that these reactions happen hundreds or thousands of times more quickly than they would if the enzymes were not present. They initiate the breakdown of all foods (e.g., proteins into amino acids) we ingest. They also liberate Oxygen from certain molecules and they enable glucose and other sugars to give up their bond energy to ATP that our body can use directly for its energy supply. They cause minerals and vitamins to function cooperatively with other molecules in rebuilding new cells (approximately 1 million/sec.) in our bodies.

    What enzymes do I need?

    Most people benefit from a blend of enzymes. The blend will typically include enzymes, which will help the body break down all types of molecules. The general categories for enzymes are:

    • proteases (for proteins)
    • lipases (for fats)
    • amylases (for carbohydrates)
    • cellulases (for fiber)

    Digestive Enzyme contains all of the enzymes your body needs to digest every type of carbohydrate, protein, vegetable fiber and fat you eat. Gain health by enhancing digestion, assimilation , and elimination.

    Digestive Enzymes
    Serving Size: 2 Capsules
    Servings Per Container: 60

    Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

    Protease 4.5 40,000 HUT

    Amylase 6500 DU

    Glucomylase 20 AGU

    Protease 6.0
    20,000 HUT

    Acid Maltase
    250 DP*

    600,000 FCCPU

    Invertase 200 SU

    Neutral Bacterial Protease
    15,000 PC

    Protease 3.0
    20 SAPU

    Alpha-galactosidase 200 GaIU

    Peptidase 3000 HUT

    560,000 FCCPU

    Lipase 1200 FIP

    Lactase 200 ALU

    OneHBP Proprietary Blend 20mg

    Hemicellulase, beta-glucanase, phytase

    * Percent Daily Values based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    † Daily Value not established.

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