Potassium Liquid Ionic Mineral Supplement

50ml Bottle – 50mg Potassium per 10 drop serving = 100 day supply

Potassium is Required and One of the Major Electrolytes

  • Professional Grade
  • Dropper Included for easy dispensing
  • Mixes well in juice or water
  • Convenient for travel
  • Concentrated Mineral supplement
  • Potassium neutralizes acids to help maintain the correct body pH.*
  • Potassium works with Sodium in all cells including nerve synapses to maintain/restore membrane potential and assist in metabolic processes.*
  • As an electrolyte, Potassium is necessary for maintaining the correct water balance in the body and for the proper elimination of waste.*
  • Potassium is also vital to cardiovascular and nerve function, through regulating the transfer of nutrients into cells.*
  • Potassium promotes faster healing of bruises, cuts & other injuries.*
  • Potassium aids in joint health by neutralizing acids that may cause joint stiffness.
  • Healthy pressure within blood vessels*
  • Healthy skin tissue*
  • Healthy lipid levels*
  • Healthy nerve transmission in the body*
  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Athletic performance*
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    Ionic Potassium is a professional grade liquid mineral dietary supplement. this product is nano sized so it is concentrated to provide 100 days of mineral supplementation. Potassium is call an alkalizer mineral which helps to balance body Ph levels. Being Bio-available means that Potassium mineral supplement will quickly absorb in the body and begin working in the proper form to aid in the healthy function of the body.

     Potassium Concentrated Liquid Mineral
    Serving Size: 10 drops
    Servings Per Container: 100

    Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

    Potassium 50mg 1.5%

     * Percent Daily Values based on a 2000 calorie diet.
     † Daily Value not established.

     All Natural Ingredients: Ultra Pure Water, Potassium 
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    Procelle Potassium


    High purity, easily absorbed, great electrolyte source.

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