Lithium Liquid Ionic Mineral Supplement

50ml Bottle – 500mcg Lithium per 10 drop serving - 100 day supply 


  • "Body Ready" Bio-Available.
  • Provides a new sense of well being and a beginnings of renewed health.
  • Improves mental stability without side effects.
  • Low level Lithium is beneficial for children too.
  • Professional Grade Natural Lithium
  • Dropper Included for easy dispensing
  • Mixes well in juice or water
  • Convenient for travel
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    ProCelleHealth offers an ultra concentrated blend of ionic liquid lithium that is highly bio-available. It is easily recognized and absorbed by the body, providing better utilization and assimilation into the cells. Lithium is used as a dietary supplement by in adults and children. Because our Lithium is natural and in liquid form, it is easy to administer to seniors and children.  It has been suggested that lithium at low-dosage levels, has a generally beneficial effect on human behavior. High quality liquid lithium supplementation can offer new beginnings for your family's nutritional needs. Ionized minerals provide the best and safest source for mineral supplementation. Consult your doctor or health-care professional about the possible risks before you consider using lithium.

    Lithium Concentrated Liquid Mineral
    Serving Size: 10 drops for adults      3-5 drops children
    Servings Per Container: 100 for adults   200-300 for children 

    Ingredient Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

    500mcg   †

     * Percent Daily Values based on a 2000 calorie diet.
     † Daily Value not established.

     All Natural Ingredients: Ultra Pure Water, Lithium 

    For Adults: Administer 10 drops into juice or water

    For Children: Administer 3-5 drops into juice or water

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